Tatjana Lenz

Tatjana Lenz is research assistent at the University of Bonn, Germany. She joined ATLAS in 2005, doing her Master’s at the University of Wuppertal. Her research includes searches for new physics which can show up in decays of top quark pairs and studies of Higgs boson properties like spin and parity. Currently she focuses on the measurement of the Higgs boson couplings to bottom quarks and new physics searches involving this topology. In addition to her fascination for physics she loves diving, climbing, hiking, skiiing and working in her garden!

A boost for the next discovery

I arrived in Chicago for my first conference after the first long LHC shutdown, where new results from the two big experiments ATLAS and CMS were to be shown. Before the beginning of the conference on Monday, I had one day to fight against jetlag and see the city – certainly not enough time to see everything!

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