Professor Stephen Hawking visits the ATLAS cavern

27th September 2006 – On Tuesday 26 September 2006 the ATLAS Collaboration was honoured by a very special visit to the detector in the underground cavern by Professor Stephen Hawking, the famous cosmologist holding the post of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University (position held by Isaac Newton in the 17th century).

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Final components of the semi-conductor tracker (SCT) arrrive at CERN

23rd May 2006 – The first few months of 2006 saw the delivery to CERN of the final components of the ATLAS semi-conductor tracker (SCT), namely the completed SCT end-caps.

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The SCT barrel inserted into the TRT

22nd February 2006 – The SCT barrel was inserted in the TRT on 17 February, just missing Valentine's day. This was a change of emphasis for the two detectors. In the preceeding months there had been a lot of focus on testing their performance. The TRT had been observing cosmic rays through several sectors of the barrel. The two detectors had to be painstakingly aligned to be concentric to within a millimetre.

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2005: a busy year for ATLAS

15th December 2005 – During 2005, the preparation of the ATLAS Experiment has proceeded smoothly and many results were achieved.

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