LHC Run 2

ATLAS,13 TeV,LHC run2,event,Real Events,For Press
The ATLAS collaboration has released in 2016 an impressive number of results using data collected at 13 TeV. (More images here.)

ATLAS,restartLHC,13 TeV,LHC run2
One of the early collision events with stable beams recorded by ATLAS on 23 April 2016, with two reconstructed muon candidates. (More images here.)

ATLAS,13 TeV,restartLHC,event,LHC run2
Display of a "beam splash" recorded by ATLAS on Friday 25 March 2016. (More images here.)

LHC Restart in 2016

  • ATLAS continues to explore the 13 TeV frontier (Press Statement)
  • First Stable Beams of 2016 - ATLAS Events (Images)
  • Spring awakening for the ATLAS experiment (News and Video)
  • ATLAS Beam Splash event displays, March 2016 (Images)
  • Too quiet to hear a particle drop (CERN News)
  • Return of the LHC – season 2 continues (CERN News)

Results using 2016 data: News and Images

Results using 2015 data: News and Images

  • ATLAS presents new results at Moriond conference (News)
  • ATLAS Completes First Year at 13 TeV (News)
  • 2015 heavy-ion collision events (Images)
  • New ATLAS Results Presented at Quark Matter 2015 (News)
  • First Run 2 Results to be Presented at EPS (News)
  • ATLAS Presents New Top Physics Results (News)

For more news and multimedia, follow the ATLAS Updates webpage and this resource page.


Start of Run 2 and completion of the Long Shutdown

ATLAS,13 TeV,restartLHC,event,LHC run2
One of the first heavy-ion collisions with stable beams recorded by ATLAS in November 2015. (More images here.)

ATLAS,13 TeV,restartLHC,event,LHC run2
Display of a proton-proton collision event recorded by ATLAS on 3 June 2015, with the first LHC stable beams at a collision energy of 13 TeV. (More images here.)

Start of Run 2 physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - view from the ATLAS Control Room. (More images here.)


News items about the LHC Restart for Run 2 (2015)

  • Setting off to new energy collisions (News)
  • ATLAS Records First Test Collisions at 13 TeV (News)
  • Coordination for Collisions (News)
  • First Collisions at Injection Energy (News)
  • Splashes for Synchronization (News)
  • ATLAS Is Ready and Waiting for Collisions (Press Statement)
  • LS1 to LHC Report: LHC Key Handed Back to Operations (News)

More Images

ATLAS Preparations during the Long Shutdown 


  • ATLAS 13 TeV Stable Beam Collision (Animation)
  • LHC Season 2: new frontiers in physics (Video Playlist)
  • LHChamber Music (Video)
  • ATLAS 3D Movie (2D Video)
  • Fast Forward to Physics (Video)
  • Extending the Puzzle of the Universe (Video)
  • Higgs Boson: What's Next? (Video)
  • Testing Supersymmetry - Interview with Mike Flowerdew (Video)
  • More Videos