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In conversation with Zachary Marshall, a leading voice in the search for new physics

5th July 2019 – Simulation and supersymmetry, two things that have defined Zachary Marshall’s career. Zach is a researcher with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. He is currently the co-convener of the ATLAS Supersymmetry group, leading the team searching for supersymmetry and all its various manifestations, building on his previous work as convenor of the ATLAS Simulation group.

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In conversation with Martine Bosman, a pioneer of ATLAS hadronic calorimetry

26th November 2018 – A long-standing member of the ATLAS Collaboration, Martine Bosman is one of the pioneers behind the Tile Calorimeter. Over her long career with the Collaboration, she has held several key roles: from convener of the Radiation Task Force and the Top Quark Group to Collaboration Board Chair. In this profile piece, Martine shares experiences and reflects on how the ATLAS Collaboration has grown and changed.

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In conversation with Nick Ellis, one of the architects of the ATLAS trigger

10th June 2018 – A long-standing member of the ATLAS Collaboration, CERN physicist Nick Ellis was one of the original architects of the ATLAS Trigger. Working in the 1980s and 1990s, Nick led groups developing innovative ways to move and process huge quantities of data for the next generation of colliders. It was a challenge some thought was impossible to meet. Nick currently leads the CERN ATLAS Trigger and Data Acquisition Group and shared his wealth of experience as a key part of the ATLAS Collaboration.

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