Claudio Bortolin

Claudio Bortolin has been at CERN for 12 years and an ATLAS staff member since 2014, serving as the cooling expert of the technical coordination team. Claudio is part of the team in charge of the operation of the existing cooling systems. He is also responsible for some of the R&D activities for the development and construction of new CO2 cooling systems for the future ATLAS Tracker.

His passion for science and his enthusiasm for the work he does at CERN are among the messages that he conveys to students of Italian schools and to the public of all ages. This is why, in 2019, he created the communication platform called, in which scientific endeavours meet human adventures to explore contemporary science. Follow Claudio on Instagram and Facebook.

Una storia 3D lunga 20 anni

Nel 2014, pochi mesi dopo il mio passaggio da ALICE ad ATLAS, vidi per la prima volta il mock-up di ATLAS, una riproduzione in scala reale in legno della porzione centrale dell’esperimento. 

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Exploring the “coolest” mock-up

It was in 2014, just a few months after my transition from ALICE to ATLAS, that I saw the mock-up for the first time: a full-scale wooden reproduction of the central portion of the ATLAS experiment, measuring some 8 metres high and wide.

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