Saverio D’Auria

Saverio D’Auria graduated in Bologna in 1989 with a master thesis on the vertex tracker for the ZEUS experiment at the HERA accelerator, in Hamburg. He has obtained a PhD from the University of Bologna for research on using Gallium Arsenide crystals to detect radiation, for particle physics and medical imaging. Since then, he has worked as a post-doc and then as a researcher at the University of Glasgow (UK) and Trieste/Udine (Italy), developing pixel detectors for ATLAS and for medical imaging. In 1999, he re-joined the U. of Glasgow team to participate in Run 2 of the CDF experiment at Tevatron, near Chicago, where he contributed to assembling, testing, commissioning and operating the silicon-strip tracker, and to studying properties of particles containing b-quarks. He joined the ATLAS collaboration again in 2005, contributing to the test commissioning and operation of the Semi Conductor Tracker. His present interests are focused on measuring the couplings of the Higgs boson, via the associated production of top pairs and a Higgs boson, and on the search for resonances decaying into pairs of top quarks. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at the U. of Glasgow.

An insider view of the "marten affair"

Friday morning, 29 April 2016: what was expected to be a productive shift turned out to be very different.

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