Serkant Çetin

Serkant Çetin is the chair of the Physics Department at Doğuş University of İstanbul. He is a member of the ATLAS Collaboration since 1997 and is currently acting as the national contact physicist whilst running the national funding project for ATLAS. Serkant is also participating in the CAST experiment at CERN, BESIII experiment at IHEP and is a member of the Turkish Accelerator Center project.

From ATLAS Around the World: The oldest observer state of CERN is no longer just observing!

If you have ever been to a bazaar in Turkey, you would know that you have to bargain hard and you have to carefully examine what you buy. Sometimes this attitude goes way too far. In our case about half a century… Turkey had been an observer state of CERN since 1961 but as of 6 May 2015.


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