Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a professor emeritus at Stockholm University, and director emeritus of Stockholm House of Science, a laboratory for school children at Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology, which he initiated. During the LEP epoch he was active in the DELPHI Higgs search group until LEP was closed. In ATLAS he initiated the successful outreach activity with Michael Barnett and ATLAS colleagues, an activity he is still following and taking interested in.

Is Nature Supersymmetric?

String Theory predicts a new symmetry, called "supersymmetry", that could shed light on some of today's mysteries of fundamental particles and interactions. In supersymmetry, every particle-type should have a "shadow" particle called a super-partner that (in general) has a much higher mass. The ATLAS Experiment has analyzed the first year of its LHC data and searched for evidence of these super-partners of ordinary matter.

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