Bruno Mansoulié

The Higgs boson: the hunt, the discovery, the study and some future perspectives

Many questions in particle physics are related to the existence of particle mass. The “Higgs mechanism,” which consists of the Higgs field and its corresponding Higgs boson, is said to give mass to elementary particles.

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Il Bosone di Higgs: La Ricerca, La Scoperta, Lo Studio e Le Prospettive Future

Molti quesiti in fisica delle particelle sono relativi all’esistenza della massa delle particelle. Si dice che il “meccanismo di Higgs”, il quale consiste nel campo di Higgs e nel corrispondente bosone di Higgs, dia massa alle particelle elementari. 

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Latest ATLAS results on the Higgs Boson

On 17 March, ATLAS presented their latest Higgs physics results at an LHC seminar at CERN from data collected during the LHC's first run. The updated results include searches for the Higgs boson in association with top quarks, measurements of the spin and parity, and improved and combined coupling measurements, all showing good compatibility with Standard Model predictions. These results are also being presented at the 50th Rencontres de Moriond ElectroWeak conference, in La Thuile, Italy, this week.

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