Primary School Students (Ages 5-12)

Kids are never too young to learn about particle physics! Parents and teachers are encouraged to give young kids a copy of the ATLAS Colouring Book to learn about the experiment and the collaboration. Or grab an edition of the Large Hadron Collider Pop-up book, which tells the story of the ATLAS experiment. 

ATLAS Colouring Book

The ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book is a free-to-download educational book, ideal for kids aged 5-9. It aims to introduce children to the field of High-Energy Physics, as well as the work being carried out by the ATLAS Collaboration. Learning objectives include: the Standard Model, how a detector works, and the daily work of ATLAS physicists and engineers.

The colouring book is available in English, French, German, Portugese and Slovak.


Enter the world of particle physics with the newly-launched ATLAScraft! Built within the wildly successful game platform Minecraft, this new world recreates the laboratory using 3D blocks. Explore the CERN campus, shrink down to the size of a particle, and even conduct their own “experiments” in educational minigames. 

Build Your Own (LEGO) Particle Detector

Create the ATLAS detector and the Large Hadron Collider out of LEGOs! The Build Your Own Particle Detector programme provides the plans and part lists for you to create LHC detectors at home. 

LHC Pop-Up Book

Discover the Large Hadron Collider in full 3D pop-up, one of the greatest adventures in science today. Engineering wizardry leaps from the page to reveal its inner workings. The book tells the story of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. 

Other Resources

  • CERNland: This CERN-developed website brings the excitement of CERN's research to a young audience aged 7 to 12 through a range of films, games and multimedia
  • LHC Game: Created for CERN's 50th anniversary, the LHC Game is also a great way to learn about accelerators.
  • Particle Adventure is an interactive guide to fundamental concepts in high energy physics.
  • Quarked is a game designed for 7-12 years to learn about the subatomic world.