The ATLAS Experiment encourages teachers to explore the world of High-Energy Physics with their classes. Organise an International Masterclass, where students learn to analyse LHC data with the help of current ATLAS physicists, or have your class take part in an ATLAS Virtual Visit. 

International Physics Masterclasses

Host an International Physics Masterclass! Each masterclass consists of a series of lectures and discussions on particle physics followed by a hands-on session, during which students analysed real LHC data and performed measurements like particle physicists. At the end of each day, like in an international research collaboration, the participants join in a video conference for discussion and combination of their results. Visit the International Masterclass website to find out more.

ATLAS Virtual Visits

Explore the ATLAS Control Centre in an ATLAS Virtual Visit! These visits connect classrooms with scientists located at the ATLAS experiment using video conferencing. It is a chance for students (and their teachers!) to have a conversation with the scientists working on ATLAS. Follow the instructions available here to schedule a Virtual Visit.

Other Resources