Milestones & Achievements

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Here we present a collection of images and video concerning major ATLAS Milestones & Achievements. Although the scientific process is a continual one, building knowledge upon knowledge, and always seeking to understand our universe better, there are occasional breakthroughs. And even scientists recognize when it is time to stop and take a moment to appreciate major accomplishments.

The material here includes the completion of major projects, such as the building or upgrading of the detector, the launching of the LHC, first collisions, and important scientific discoveries, such as the Higgs boson.

Photo Collection

Construction & Testing

Construction & Testing

First Beam and Collisions

First Beam & Collisions

Higgs Boson Discovery

Higgs Boson Discovery

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Upgrade Activities

run 2, restar tLHC, 13 TeV, collisions

LHC Run 2

Tehcnology Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

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