Outreach & Education

First ATLAS 13 TeV Collision

This page provides access to ATLAS Outreach & Education images and video. The ATLAS Collaboration recognises the importance of communicating the scientific goals and achievements of the experiment, and has developed an Outreach programme to facilitate public engagement.

The Outreach programme comprises a variety of educational activities, such as participation in International Masterclasses, the hosting of local and virtual visits from students, teachers, and the general public, and the development of games, books, and other educational tools. This page provides access to multimedia material relevant to these activities. More information can be found on the Activities and Education pages.

Photo Collection

Nobel Laureate François Englert visits ATLAS

Visits & Virtual Visits to ATLAS

Students in Control Room

Outreach Activities


Art & Entertainment

How ATLAS detects particles

Diagrams & Animations

Hunting the Higgs


Higgs Boson Poster

Posters and Brochures

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