Higgs boson

ATLAS finds evidence of a rare Higgs boson Dalitz decay to two leptons and a photon

ATLAS finds first evidence of the Higgs boson decaying to two leptons and a photon. This is one of the rarest Higgs boson decays yet seen at the LHC, with striking features that presented unique challenges for the ATLAS experiment.

2nd February 2021

LHC Pop-Up Book

Submitted by Steven Goldfarb on Fri, 11/13/2020 - 18:31
LHC Pop-Up Book

Discover the Large Hadron Collider in full 3D pop-up, one of the greatest adventures in science today. Engineering wizardry leaps from the page to reveal its inner workings. The book tells the story of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider.

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Higgs boson
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