Studying the Higgs boson in its most common – yet uncommonly challenging – decay channel
01 December 2020

Refining the picture of the Higgs boson
19 November 2020

ATLAS uses the Higgs boson as a tool to search for Dark Matter
29 October 2020

Higgs boson probes for new phenomena
28 October 2020

Leptons at a distance: a new search for long-lived particles
07 October 2020

Z bosons zoom through quark–gluon plasma as jets quench
25 August 2020

ATLAS observes W-boson pair production from light colliding with light
05 August 2020

New ATLAS result marks milestone in the test of Standard Model properties
03 August 2020

New measurements of the Higgs boson find strength in unity
31 July 2020

Looking forward: ATLAS measures proton scattering when light turns into matter
30 July 2020

ATLAS probes interactions between heavyweights of the Standard Model
30 July 2020

Jetting into the dark side: a precision search for dark matter
27 July 2020

ATLAS one step closer in the search for rare Higgs boson decays to muons
23 July 2020

Keeping the ATLAS Inner Detector in perfect alignment
16 July 2020

New ATLAS result addresses long-standing tension in the Standard Model
28 May 2020

Fantastic decays and where to find them
27 May 2020

ATLAS finds evidence of spectacular four-top quark production
26 May 2020

ATLAS measures light scattering on light and constrains axion-like particles
25 May 2020

Machine learning qualitatively changes the search for new particles
13 May 2020

Probing dark matter with the Higgs boson
21 April 2020

ATLAS searches for rare Higgs boson decays into a photon and a Z boson
21 April 2020

Novel probes of the strong force: precision jet substructure and the Lund jet plane
19 April 2020

Searching for new sources of matter–antimatter symmetry breaking in Higgs boson interaction with top quarks
07 April 2020

Measuring the beauty of the Higgs boson
07 April 2020

25 years on: a single top quark partners with the Z boson
21 February 2020

Searching for natural supersymmetry using novel techniques
18 February 2020

ATLAS probes the quark-gluon plasma in a new study of photo-produced muon pairs
19 November 2019

Ensuring high-quality data at ATLAS
13 November 2019

Searching for Higgs boson interactions with the lightest charged lepton
06 August 2019

ATLAS delivers new direct measurement of the top-quark decay width with improved precision
06 August 2019

ATLAS releases new search for strong supersymmetry
05 August 2019

Zooming in on top-quark production
05 August 2019

New milestone reached in the study of electroweak symmetry breaking
15 July 2019

Exploring the Higgs boson “discovery channels"
12 July 2019

Double the Higgs for double the difficulty
11 July 2019

ATLAS searches for rare Higgs boson decays into muon pairs
11 July 2019

ATLAS finds evidence of charge asymmetry in top-quark pairs
11 July 2019

ATLAS delivers its most precise luminosity measurement yet
01 July 2019

ATLAS releases new result in hunt for mysterious magnetic monopoles
03 June 2019

Searching for Electroweak SUSY: not because it is easy, but because it is hard
20 May 2019

ATLAS sets strong constraints on supersymmetric dark matter
08 April 2019

All together now: adding more pieces to the Higgs boson puzzle
18 March 2019

ATLAS measures Higgs boson coupling to top quark in diphoton channel with full Run 2 dataset
18 March 2019

ATLAS finds evidence of three massive vector boson production
17 March 2019

ATLAS observes light scattering off light
17 March 2019

First ATLAS result with full Run 2 dataset: a search for new heavy particles
27 February 2019

Producing four top quarks at once to explore the unknown
06 November 2018

New ATLAS result of ultra-rare B-meson decay to muon pair
25 September 2018

ATLAS searches for double Higgs production
05 September 2018

Stronger together: combining searches for new heavy resonances
14 August 2018

Lower limit of vector-like top quark mass
Could a new type of quark fix the “unnaturalness” of the Standard Model?
08 August 2018

Higgs boson observed decaying to b quarks – at last!
09 July 2018

Combined measurements of Higgs boson couplings reach new level of precision
09 July 2018

Precision leads to puzzles
06 July 2018

Quarks observed to interact via minuscule “weak lightsabers”
05 July 2018

Beyond any doubt: Higgs boson couples to the heaviest lepton
08 June 2018

Catching hadronic vector boson decays with a finer net
05 June 2018

New ATLAS result establishes production of Higgs boson in association with top quarks
04 June 2018

The edge of SUSY
02 June 2018

Noble collisions give new insights on heavy ion systems
24 May 2018

ATLAS studies the quark-gluon plasma using muon pairs produced by two photons
19 May 2018

Searching for forces beyond the Standard Model
08 May 2018

Charming SUSY: running out of places to hide
07 May 2018

ATLAS illuminates the Higgs boson at 13 TeV
26 March 2018

A new data-collection method for ATLAS aids in the hunt for new physics
21 March 2018

The exploration of the Higgs boson continues
12 March 2018

ATLAS studies the dynamics of very high-momentum top quarks
31 January 2018

Measurements of weak top quark processes gain strength
18 January 2018

Searching for supersymmetric Higgs bosons on the compressed frontier
18 December 2017

"Stransverse" mass distribution
Squeezing sleptons at the LHC
15 December 2017

ATLAS finds evidence of the Higgs boson produced in association with a pair of top quarks
26 October 2017

Photon-tagged jet quenching in the quark-gluon plasma
23 October 2017

Studying fragments of the top quark
05 October 2017

Hunting down forbidden decays of the top quark
03 October 2017

ATLAS and CMS look forward with the top quark
27 September 2017

Finding a haystack in a field of haystacks
21 September 2017

Exploring the nature of the “ridge” in small systems
28 August 2017

Exploring rare decays of the Higgs boson
11 August 2017

5 fundamental parameters from top quark decay
03 August 2017

The invisible plan
17 July 2017

Probing physics beyond the Standard Model with heavy vector bosons
08 July 2017

New rare pairs of heavy friends in ATLAS
07 July 2017

Why should there be only one? Searching for additional Higgs Bosons beyond the Standard Model
06 July 2017

New ATLAS measurement of the Higgs Boson mass
06 July 2017

ATLAS takes a closer look at the Higgs boson’s couplings to other bosons
06 July 2017

Chasing the invisible
06 July 2017

A first LHC sighting of the Higgs boson in its favourite decay
06 July 2017

More than the sum of its parts: inside the proton
13 June 2017

ATLAS releases new results in search for weakly-interacting supersymmetric particles
18 May 2017

Hunting for the superpartner of the top quark
17 May 2017

New ATLAS precision measurements of the Higgs Boson in the 'golden channel'
15 May 2017

New insight into the Standard Model
09 May 2017

Making the most of the ATLAS detector
02 May 2017

Charged-particle reconstruction at the energy frontier
26 April 2017

Searching for new symmetries of nature
06 April 2017

Improving our understanding of photon pairs
05 April 2017

Quest for the lost arc
21 March 2017

Particle-hunting at the energy frontier
21 March 2017

Searching for signs of the “stop”
21 March 2017

The search for super-particles continues!
20 March 2017

Integrated fiducial cross sections times leptonic branching ratios
How strange is the proton?
25 January 2017

Return of the top quark!
13 January 2017

Measuring the W boson mass
13 December 2016

Precision measurements with multi-TeV energy jets
23 August 2016

Hunting for new physics with boosted bosons
05 August 2016

Double the bosons, double the excitement
05 August 2016

High-mass di-photon resonances: the first 2016 ATLAS results
05 August 2016

ATLAS observes the Higgs boson with Run 2 data
04 August 2016

Further progress in the quest for SUSY particles
04 August 2016

Hunting the origin of the top quark’s mass
04 August 2016

Searching for new phenomena in final states with missing momentum and jets
04 August 2016

Continuing the search for extra dimensions
17 June 2016

Di-photons in the spotlight
16 June 2016

Something went bump in the night
16 June 2016

A peek inside the proton…
15 June 2016

Weighing in on the top quark mass
15 June 2016

Stacking the building blocks of the 2016 ATLAS physics programme
13 June 2016

The search for the dark side of the Universe
13 April 2016

Wanted: SUSY particle still at large
07 April 2016

Searching beyond the Standard Model with photon pairs
22 March 2016

Chasing after elusive B meson decays into muons
22 March 2016

Are there more Higgs bosons?
22 March 2016

New insight into the proton-proton ridge
02 October 2015

the density of allowed supersymmetric models before and after the ATLAS Run-1 searches
Devouring dark matter theories
24 August 2015

Ratio of W+ to W- boson production fiducial cross sections
Probing inside the proton
17 August 2015

The inelastic cross section, as measured in this work, versus the collision energy
Measuring the way protons interact at 13 TeV
17 August 2015

Rejection of quark and gluon jets for a 50% W boson selection efficiency
ATLAS ready to “boost” Run 2 physics
12 August 2015

This new result at 13 TeV (red circle) is compared to previous results from ATLAS
Top quarks in Run 2 are spot on
27 July 2015

Two-particle correlations
ATLAS measurements of the ridge in proton-proton collisions at 13TeV
24 July 2015

Lepton transverse momentum distribution from the W→ μν selection
Of mesons and bosons
24 July 2015

Inclusive-jet cross sections as a function of the jet pT
First measurements set the stage for early searches of new physics
24 July 2015

The average charged-particle multiplicity as a function of the centre-of-mass energy
Early Run 2 results test event generator energy extrapolation
22 July 2015

Display of one of the events selected as a candidate W’ event decaying to WZ.
Run 1 search for new massive bosons builds excitement for Run 2
19 June 2015

The coupling of the Higgs boson to fermions and bosons as a function of the particle’s mass.
ATLAS further verifies Standard Model coupling/mass relationship of Higgs boson
27 March 2015

Angular observables sensitive to the spin and parity of a Higgs boson decay.
The scalar boson
26 March 2015

Candidate event in the search for a Higgs boson produced together with a top-antitop quark pair.
In search of rare Higgs boson production with top quarks
24 March 2015

Looking at the Dark side of Matter
19 February 2015

ATLAS collision event with two charm-tagged jets.
In search of super charm
09 January 2015

Quenching jets in the hot dense matter produced by colliding lead ions
13 November 2014

New ATLAS precision measurements of the Higgs boson: Observation of WW decay
07 October 2014

Searches for new physics with photons produced at vertices displaced from the collision point
22 September 2014

Higgs boson production measurements from the channels of discovery
10 September 2014

First observation of Z-boson production via weak-boson fusion
10 September 2014

ATLAS finds evidence for the rare electroweak W±W± production
10 September 2014

Probing Higgs boson production properties
17 July 2014

The Higgs boson’s shadow
14 July 2014

The WW cross-section: a high flyer
08 July 2014

Are quarks fundamental particles?
06 July 2014

Hunting for the top squark
05 July 2014

Counting collisions with ALFA
05 July 2014

W + jets plot
The production of W bosons in association with jets
05 July 2014

A new state of beauty and charm
05 July 2014

Precise measurement of the Higgs boson mass
03 July 2014

Measuring top production in the LHC
03 July 2014

New evidence for top quark pairs produced with W or Z bosons
03 July 2014