Luigi Marchese

Luigi joined the ATLAS collaboration in 2015 when starting his PhD with the University of Oxford. He has worked on the measurement of the Higgs boson total width using the off-shell production of the Higgs boson. He was also involved in several studies of muon-momentum performance, and has served as an Inner Detector shifter and shift leader in the ATLAS Control Room. He was the last shift leader of the ATLAS physics program in Run 2. At the University of Oxford, he coordinates two international summer student programs for undergraduate students.

He believes outreach is part of a scientist's duty to keep people informed of the goals of their research and how they plan to achieve them. He is an ATLAS tour guide at CERN and collaborates with several high schools in Italy. Recently, he worked on a multicultural project for high-school students “From Democritus to particle physics”. In his free time he likes reading classical literature and traveling for archaeological tours.

Serving up new winter recipes with the ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board

In 2019, I joined the ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board (ECSB): a special advisory group dedicated to assisting the ATLAS Collaboration in building an environment where the full scientific potential of scientists at the start of their career can be realised. The board organises several activities for the ATLAS community (you may have seen all of our summer activities described in this blog). I was actively involved in the winter activities. They were all fantastic experiences to improve social relationships in a 5000-people collaboration.

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