Summary of new ATLAS results from LHCP 2023

22 May 2023 | By

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The eleventh annual conference on Large Hadron Collider physics (LHCP 2023) kicks off today in Belgrade (Serbia) signalling the return of this week-long event to its face-to-face format. The programme covers the wide spectrum of Large Hadron Collider physics and technology, from several final studies of the LHC Run-2 dataset (2015-2018) to detailed assessments of the upgraded accelerators and detectors for Run 3.

ATLAS Collaboration members will be unveiling several new analyses of the LHC Run-2 dataset and early physics results using the Run-3 dataset (2022-ongoing). Look forward to new studies of the Higgs boson, novel searches for Dark Matter particles, and much more.

Key results will be explored in ATLAS Physics Briefings, to be released throughout the conference. Check the LHCP 2023 tag for the latest updates. The full list of new ATLAS results presented at LHCP 2023 is given below.

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New results presented at LHCP 2023

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Scalar boson and diboson searches

Top quark

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