Collaboration membership

ATLAS Membership

Institutes joining the ATLAS Collaboration participate in the great endeavour of exploring the smallest constituents of matter and the nature of the fundamental forces acting between them. The high energies and high intensities provided by the LHC allow for the exploration of new territory in the search for new particles and in the study of rare processes. New results on these frontiers might also advance the understanding of the history of our universe.

The unprecedented experimental challenges faced by ATLAS require the advancement of technology in electronics, computing and data processing. Work is carried out by a global collaboration of scientists, engineers and technicians. The stimulating international environment of ATLAS and CERN, combined with work on the frontline of physics and technology, form an exciting scientific endeavour that offers a unique training ground for students and young researchers.

Types of Membership

There are several types of institutional membership in the ATLAS Collaboration. Full Institutional Membership can either be obtained by single institutes or by several smaller institutes that work together and join the ATLAS Collaboration as a Clustered Institution. In addition, institutes can be associated to a full member Institution as an Associate Institute. Institutes interested in a cooperation with the ATLAS Collaboration on technical projects can be affiliated as Technical Associate Institutes.