ATLAS Colouring Book

The ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book is a free-to-download educational book, ideal for kids aged 5-9. It aims to introduce children to the field of High-Energy Physics, as well as the work being carried out by the ATLAS Collaboration.

Learning objectives:

  • ATLAS scientists work together to study particles, the basic building blocks of our universe.

  • ATLAS scientists use a detector to find and identify particles.

  • The ATLAS Collaboration is diverse. Anyone can be an ATLAS scientist.

  • The Standard Model and the Higgs Boson.




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Individual pages (English)

Meet Betty and Bob - Become an ATLAS Scientist

Explore the CERN Cafeteria

The ATLAS Detector

Particle Detectives

Recipe of the Universe & The Higgs Boson

Ingredients of the Universe

Credits and Terms of Use

The ATLAS Experiment Colouring book is free to download for personal and educational use. Content Copyright: ATLAS Experiment © 2016 CERN

Design credits:

  • Illustrations by, Carolina De Luca and Rebecca Pitt
  • Text by Katarina Anthony for the ATLAS Collaboration
  • Project development by Veronica Ruberti and Katarina Anthony
  • Pages 4-5; Characters of Bob and Betty: Designed by for
  • Pages 9-11: Designed by Carolina De Luca,
  • Page 12: Designed by Rebecca Pitt, based on earlier work by Joao Pequenao for the exhibit