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Explore educational physics "cheat sheets" developed by researchers at the ATLAS Collaboration, ideal to help with all those physics terms you want to know more about. With these sheets, you'll explore concepts from the Standard Model to conservation laws.

Conservation Laws Cheat Sheet

Conservation Laws

These laws govern the reactions we observe in particle physics! Their violation would be a sign of new physics.

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Feynman Diagrams Cheat Sheet

Feynman Diagrams

A powerful tool to visually represent particle interactions, as well as to conduct elaborate calculations! Learn the basics on how to read Feynman diagrams.

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Standard Model Cheat Sheet

The Standard Model

All fundamental particles classified based on their properties! Deviations to the Standard Model can point the way to new physics.

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ATLAS Experiment cheat sheets are free to download for personal and educational use. Content Copyright: ATLAS Experiment © 2021 CERN

  • Text and project development: Elise Le Boulicaut on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
  • Background image: Ana María Rodríguez Vera on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration