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Enjoy these free-to-download fact sheet by the ATLAS Collaboration. Explore the ATLAS detector and find more about its components, the software computing infrastructure, and the trigger and data acquisition systems. Find the Easter versions of the Fact Sheets here.

The ATLAS Collaboration

The ATLAS Collaboration is one of the largest scientific collaborations, composed of around 5700 physicists, engineers, technicians, students and administrators.

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Detector Overview

ATLAS is the largest detector ever constructed for a particle collider: 46 metres long and 25 metres in diameter.

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The Inner Detector

The Inner Detector is the innermost part of ATLAS to see the decay products of the collisions, so it is very compact and highly sensitive.

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Calorimeters measure the energy of particles created in high-energy LHC collisions.

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Muon Spectrometer

The outer layer of the ATLAS experiment is made of muon detectors. They identify and measure the momenta of muons.

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Magnet System

ATLAS uses two different types of superconducting magnet systems – solenoid and toroids.

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Trigger & Data Acquisition

The Trigger and Data Acquisition system ensures optimal data-taking conditions and selects the most interesting collision events for study.

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Software & Computing Infrastructure

The ATLAS software and computing system processes and stores the vast amounts of collision data collected by the detector.

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Higgs boson

On 4 July 2012, the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced the observation of a new particle with a mass around 125 GeV: the Higgs boson.

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Technology Transfer

Many cutting-edge technologies developed for the ATLAS Experiment have found new applications in other fields.

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