ATLAS celebrates 30 years of collaboration

1 October 2022 | By

The ATLAS Collaboration celebrated its 30th anniversary on 1 October 2022.


The ATLAS letter of intent was submitted to the LHC Experiments Committee in 1992. The approval of the ATLAS Experiment was an important milestone in the history of particle physics – but it was just the first step in a long journey. Making ATLAS a reality required years of innovative developments in technology and physics.

Today, the ATLAS experiment is one of the largest collaborative efforts ever attempted in science, with more than 5000 members. The success of ATLAS relies on the close collaboration of research teams located at CERN, and at member universities and laboratories worldwide.

This collaborative spirit was celebrated in the video below, produced for the 30th anniversary. In it, ATLAS members describe how the ATLAS Collaboration was formed, what this collaborative spirit means in practise, and describe the challenges they are looking forward to tackling together.