New ATLAS results to be presented at ICHEP

ATLAS explores 2016 LHC data in new analyses.

3 August 2016 | By

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(Image: ATLAS Experiment/CERN)

3 August, 2016. It’s been a good summer for the ATLAS experiment. Thanks to the exceptional performance of the Large Hadron Collider and the continued efficient data-taking of the detector, ATLAS is releasing results with 12 inverse femtobarns of data recorded at 13 TeV in 2016. This is nearly four times larger than the 2015 dataset – and the year is not yet over.

Results using this record-breaking 2016 data will be presented at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) in Chicago, 3-10 August. Held every two years, ICHEP brings together physicists from around the world to share the latest advancements in particle physics, astrophysics, and accelerator science and to discuss plans for major future facilities.

Preparations for ICHEP have kept everyone at ATLAS on their toes. From detector operations and trigger to computing and analysis, ATLAS teams have worked tirelessly to collect and analyse this new wealth of data. Thanks to their efforts, 50 new conference notes have been prepared especially for ICHEP.

Along with detailed studies of Standard Model processes and searches for new physics, the ATLAS collaboration is looking forward to shedding new light on the modest “excess” seen in the 2015 data. New studies of the Higgs boson will also be shown, including searches for the famous particle using 2016 data.

These key results will be explored in ATLAS Physics Briefings, to be released throughout the conference. Check the ICHEP2016 tag for the latest updates.

ATLAS will be hosting a series of Facebook Live events for its social media followers. Tune in to hear members of the collaboration discuss the latest ICHEP results.