Stéphane Willocq
Stéphane Willocq
Deputy Spokesperson

Stephane Willocq has worked on a wide range of different experiments, studying neutrino scattering at CERN and Fermilab, measuring properties of B mesons in electron-positron annihilation with the SLD and BaBar experiments at SLAC, and searching for new phenomena in proton-proton collisions with ATLAS at CERN.

Willocq focused on measurements of B meson lifetimes and oscillations on the SLD experiment, for which he served as convener of the Heavy Flavor physics group. On BaBar, he studied radiative penguin decays of B mesons and served on the Publications Board.

Upon joining ATLAS in 2004, Willocq concentrated on the development of reconstruction software for muons and led the muon software effort prior to first collisions in 2009. He then concentrated on searches for heavy resonances decaying into high-momentum muons initially and decaying into pairs of bosons (W, Z, or Higgs) more recently. He served as convener of the Exotics physics group in 2012-2014, Chair of the Publications Committee in 2017-2018, and Physics Coordinator in 2020-2021. He is serving as Deputy Spokesperson since 2023.

Stephane Willocq is a professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2016.