Berliner Philarmoniker ATLAS visit
The Berliner Philarmoniker in on tour through Europe. They stopped on June 27th in Geneva, for a concert at the Victoria Hall. An ATLAS visit was organised the morning after, lead by the ATLAS spokesperson Karl Jakobs (welcome and overview talk) and two ATLAS guides (AVC visit and 3D movie). (Image: CERN)

The ATLAS Management

Current ATLAS Management

The Spokesperson and Deputy Spokespersons oversee all aspects of the ATLAS project. The Spokesperson represents ATLAS to CERN, funding agencies, and other external bodies. The Technical Coordinator oversees the construction and technical integration of ATLAS components, ensuring engineering standards and procedures are followed. The Resources Coordinator handles resource planning and administration of the ATLAS common fund, ensuring ATLAS resource needs are consistent with local national plans. The Upgrade Coordinator oversees the ATLAS upgrade programme, ensuring it is coherent, technically sound, and aligned with ATLAS physics goals.

Andreas Hoecker

Spokesperson 2021-2025, Deputy 2017-2021

Manuella Vincter

Deputy Spokesperson 2019-2025

Stéphane Willocq

Deputy Spokesperson 2023-2025

David Francis

Resource Coordinator 2019-2025

Martin Aleksa

Technical Coordinator 2024-2027

Benedetto Gorini

Upgrade Coordinator 2022-2025

Previous ATLAS Management

Ludovico Pontecorvo

Technical Coordinator 2015-2024

Marumi Kado

Deputy Spokesperson 2021-2023

Francesco Lanni

Upgrade Coordinator 2019-2022

Karl Jakobs

Spokesperson 2017-2021

Isabelle Wingerter-Seez

Deputy Spokesperson 2017-2019

Fido Dittus

Resource Coordinator 2013-2019

Kevin Einsweiler

Upgrade Coordinator 2017-2019

David Charlton

Spokesperson 2013-2017, Deputy 2009-2013

Beate Heinemann

Deputy Spokesperson 2013-2017

Robert McPherson

Deputy Spokesperson 2015-2017

Thorsten Wengler

Deputy Spokesperson 2013-2015

Beniamino Di Girolamo

Technical Coordinator 2013-2015

Fabiola Gianotti

Spokesperson 2009-2013, Deputy 2004-2009

Andy Lankford

Deputy Spokesperson 2009-2013

Markus Nordberg

Resource Coordinator 2001-2013

Marzio Nessi

Technical Coordinator 2001-2013

Peter Jenni

Spokesperson 1995-2009, Co-Spokesperson 1992-1995

Steinar Stapnes

Deputy Spokesperson 2004-2009

Torsten Åkesson

Deputy Spokesperson 1996-2004

Peter Schmid

Resource Coordinator 1994-2001

Michael Price

Technical Coordinator 1999-2001

Hans Hoffman

Technical Coordinator 1994-1999

Friedrich Dydak

Co-Spokesperson 1992-1995