Clara Nellist

Clara Nellist is a British post-doc at LAL, France, working on planar pixel sensors for future upgrades of the ATLAS detector and the H->tautau analysis channel. She did her PhD with Manchester University studying 3D silicon pixel detectors for the IBL upgrade and her masters degree in top physics at the DO experiment at FermiLab. Clara is also active in science communication, with an aim to encourage more young women to study physics.

Notes from underground: Pixel prototypes

In last week’s post for this Notes from Underground series, David talked about the work that goes on in the ATLAS pit. I'm going to take a step back and talk about what happens before a detector is installed. Although the work I want to tell you about didn't technically take place underground, much of it was performed in what is essentially a large airport hangar without natural light, so it certainly feels like you’re 100m down!

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