Corrinne Mills

Corrinne Mills is a postdoc based at CERN, working for Harvard University on the ATLAS experiment. She has recently upgraded her research from studying events with one W boson to studying events with two W bosons, and is joining the search for the Higgs. She also blogs regularly over at Quantum Diaries.

The Tevatron: Goodnight but not goodbye

The Tevatron collider, the scientific predecessor of the LHC, was shut down last Friday after 26 years of operations. Situated at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) outside of Chicago, Illinois, the Tevatron collided protons with antiprotons at a center-of-mass energy just shy of 2 TeV. While it still held the title of the world’s highest energy colliding beams, it was the intellectual home of hundreds of scientists and students working as part of the CDF and D0 collaborations.

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