Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev

Dimitrii joined ATLAS collaboration in 2012 during his PhD in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. His thesis was dedicated to measurements of Zγγ production and searches for anomalous quartic gauge couplings. Dimitrii is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Science and Technology of China and participates in searches for the Higgs boson decaying to muons and Dark Matter particles. He is involved in performance studies for ATLAS Resistive Plate Chambers and is a member of ATLAS Early Career Scientists Board (link internal). In his free time Dimitrii enjoys cycling and tennis.


New ATLAS members, welcome on board

This summer was rich with events regularly organised by the ATLAS Early Career Scientists Board (ECSB): Induction Day, Career Q&A and the Ice Cream event. The ECSB is a special advisory group dedicated to assisting the ATLAS Collaboration in building an environment where the full scientific potential of young scientists can be realised. It consists of seven early career scientists, representing various career levels, nationalities, genders and home institutions. I have been in the thick of things as a new member of the ECSB and had a lot of new experiences. Each event was full of fantastic people and brought to its participants tonnes of useful information.

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