Karola Dette

Karola Dette is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, working on the tracking system upgrade for ATLAS’ high luminosity setup. She joined the ATLAS collaboration in 2012 as a Master's student with the University of Dortmund, followed by a PhD for which she moved to CERN. During her PhD time she got involved in the operation of the ATLAS detector, acting as shift leader and shifter/expert for the pixel detector.

How to run a particle detector

If you are interested in particle physics, you probably hear a lot about the huge amount of data that is recorded by experiments like ATLAS. But where does this data come from? Roughly speaking: first you have to plan, build and maintain an experiment and in the end you need people to analyse the data you’ve recorded. But what happens in between? What happens in the day-to-day life of people in the ATLAS control room, who are responsible for keeping all that great data coming?

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