Sune Jakobsen

Sune Jakobsen

Sune Jakobsen is a fellow at CERN shared between the ATLAS experiment and Beam Instrumentation. Sune joined ATLAS in 2008 while doing his Master’s at the University of Copenhagen, but was immediately and permanently stationed at CERN to contribute to making and commissioning the hardware for the ATLAS sub-detector ALFA. Currently he is ALFA trigger coordinator, ALFA run coordinator and ALFA technical coordinator besides being responsible for the operation and development of the LHC luminosity detector called BRAN. In addition to his fascination for physics and detectors, Sune loves traveling –

One week to do it all – Days 4-7: Diffractive data taking

On Thursday morning the first fill reached “Stable Beam”.

19 February 2016

One week to do it all – Day 3: Preparing for Stable Beam

Tuesday at 23:55 I called the ATLAS shift leader and told them to stop the elastic physics run and ramp down the inner detector as the elastic program was over.

18 February 2016

One week to do it all – Day 2: Elastic data-taking

No time to waste after the alignment.

17 February 2016

One week to do it all – Day 1: Setting up

I have the pleasure to work for a very special sub-detector of ATLAS, called “Absolute luminosity For ATLAS” or ALFA in short.

16 February 2016