Gearing-up for the 2010 run!

25th February 2010 – ATLAS has been taking cosmic rays data this month exercising new features of the data acquisition, including protocols to start and control the run.

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First Integrated Run in 2010

2nd February 2010 – Today ATLAS has started the integrated runs. This has happened before, nevertheless this is the first time ATLAS subdetectors get together after the winter break, a lot of work has been done since then.

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All Bunched Up!

6th January 2010 – High Energy Physicists have been waiting for many years to see the LHC turn on.  Now that it has been turned on, the network of physicists around the world have quickly been harnessed.  It can be considered a phase transition in particle physics.

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Just a taste

11th December 2009 – At 21:32 pm on December 8th, the LHC did something that no other accelerator has ever done before.

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ATLAS increases its active channel count by one order of magnitude

10th December 2009 – On Sunday December 6, 2009 at 8.00 the ATLAS Pixel Detector has measured, for the first time, tracks emerging from LHC collisions. It has been a very smooth start.

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First collisions with the pixel detector

7th December 2009 – It's been a busy weekend for ATLAS. Last night, well, actually early this morning, we received the "stable beam" flag from the LHC.

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