Summary of new ATLAS results for ICHEP 2020

27 July 2020 | By

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The International Conference on High­-Energy Physics (ICHEP2020), held 28 July–6 August, 2020. (Image: ICHEP2020 Conference)

Since the 1950s, one conference has stayed circled in red on every physicist's calendar: the International Conference on High­-Energy Physics (ICHEP). The fortieth edition of ICHEP kicks off today, bringing together particle physicists, astrophysicists and accelerator scientists to share the latest news in their fields. Originally planned as an in-person event in Prague, ICHEP2020 will instead be the very first all-virtual edition of the conference.

This year, the ATLAS Collaboration will unveil a wealth of new results using the full dataset recorded during Run 2 of the LHC (2015–2018). Look forward to exciting observations of new processes, high-precision measurements of the Higgs boson, record-breaking searches for new physics, and much more.

While several of these key results will explored in physics briefings, many more will be presented throughout the conference. Explore them all in the papers linked below, updated throughout the conference.

Latest ICHEP2020 News and Physics Briefings

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New results presented at ICHEP2020

Standard Model

Higgs boson

Top and bottom quarks

Exotic New Physics


Scalar boson and diboson searches

Luminosity and Performance

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