Antonella De Santo

Antonella De Santo is a Professor of Physics and a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder at the University of Sussex. She has been an ATLAS collaborator since 2003 and she leads the Sussex ATLAS team, which she established when she moved to Sussex from Royal Holloway University of London in 2009. Her main focus on ATLAS is the search for supersymmetry in multi-leptonic final states, and triggering, especially in view of future luminosity upgrades.


The art of physics

I have been doing some work with artists recently. Not that I’m planning a career change, you know: I just love to talk about my research to anyone who is prepared to listen, and lately it’s been with artists. Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, aka Semiconductor, are internationally renowned visual artists who in 2015 won the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica Award and spent a two-month residency at CERN. Like myself, they live in Brighton, which is also home to the University of Sussex, where I work.

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