Farida Fassi

Farida Fassi is a research assistant professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat. She started working in ATLAS in 1996 doing her PhD at IFIC in Valencia, Spain. She worked in the online and offline test beam data analysis of the first prototypes of the Hadronic Tile Calorimeter modules. This was in addition to top physics analysis. In 2003, she began working in Grid Computing and Distributed Data Analysis. She had a CNRS post-doctoral research fellowship working on the CMS experiment while based in Lyon, France. She was the coordinator and contact person of the French CMS Tier-1, and continued her search for new physics phenomena. In 2011, she came back to ATLAS focusing on the search for the ttbar resonances. Farida is the co-coordinator of the Distributed Analysis Support Team.

From ATLAS Around the World: Brief history of Morocco in ATLAS

In 1996, Morocco officially became a member of the ATLAS collaboration. The eagerly awaited day had finally arrived, and the first Arabic and African country signed a collaborative agreement with CERN to participate in the great scientific adventure of particle physics.

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