Nikola Makovec

Nikola Makovec is a research physicist at the Laboratoire de L’accélérateur Linéaire at Orsay. He works on understanding the ATLAS calorimeter performance, in particular the calibration, and is searching for Supersymmetry in the fully hadronic channel.

ATLAS in Paris for a pop-up launch

It’s not every day you get to explain ATLAS to a group of journalists with just a pop-up book as a prop. But, as some readers might already know, this is no ordinary pop-up book. ATLAS and the LHC leap from the page in incredible detail thanks to paper engineer Anton Radevsky’s wonderful designs. A new edition of the book has just been released in French, so at the end of last month I found myself travelling in to the centre of Paris from Orsay for the press launch.

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