Matteo Franchini

Matteo Franchini graduated in Bologna in 2010, with a master thesis on the J/Psi polarisation with the ATLAS first data. He obtained his PhD in 2014 on the measurement of the top cross section and on the physics of boosted objects. He is now working at CERN as a research fellow for the University of Bologna working on the analysis of Higgs production in association with top quarks at very high energies. He is a member and photographer for the ATLAS and ATLAS Italia outreach groups.

Spring celebrations in Pisa as the LHC restarts

PP@LHC is an Italian conference with important contributions by foreign institutes, focused on the proton-proton physics performed at the LHC by the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb experiments. The aim of this year’s edition was not only to give an overview on the current status of LHC research, but to focus on future challenges with the upcoming new data.

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